gil ben-artzi גיל בן-ארצי  

Gil Ben-Artzi, Ph.D

Assistant Professor
Computer Science Department
Ariel University
Email: gilba at g dot ariel dot ac dot il

Previous: Hebrew University (IL), Weizmann Institute of Science (IL), Intel Labs (US)

Research Interests

Computer Vision, Image Processing, Deep Learning, Medical Imaging

My Research Group

M.Sc: Michael Klyuchka, Hay Hoffman, Itamar Dahbash
Ph.D: Evgeny Neiterman
PostDoc: Dr. Shahar Mahpud
Former students: Feras Daragma, Noam Gaash, Amir Ofir, Shai Aharon


Hypernetwork-Based Adaptive Image Restoration
Shai Aharon and Gil Ben-Artzi
2023 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP)
Project page (+code)
  CTrGAN: Cycle Transformers GAN for Natural Gait Transfer
Shahar Mahpod, Noam Gaash and Gil Ben-Artzi
IEEE/CVF Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV), 2023
Project page (+code)
  Adaptive Enhancement of Extreme Low-Light Images
Evgeny Hershkovitch Neiterman, Michael Klyuchka and Gil Ben-Artzi
2023 Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision systems (ACIVS)
Project page (+dataset+code)
  SMM-Conv: Scalar Matrix Multiplication with Zero Packing for Accelerated Convolution
Amir Ofir and Gil Ben-Artzi
Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 2022
Project page (+code)
  Separable Four Points Fundamental Matrix
Gil Ben-Artzi
IEEE Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV), 2021
Project page (+code)
  The Role of Redundant Bases and Shrinkage Functions in Image Denoising
Yacov Hel-Or, Gil Ben-Artzi
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 2021
  Camera Calibration by Global Constraints on the Motion of Silhouettes
Gil Ben-Artzi
ICCV 2017
  Integrative genomic analysis by interoperation of bioinformatics tools in GenomeSpace
K.Qu, S.Garamszegi, F.Wu, H.Thorvaldsdottir, T. Liefeld, M.Ocana,D.Borges-Rivera, N.Pochet,J.T. Robinson,B.Demchak, T.Hull, G.Ben-Artzi, D.Blankenberg, G.P. Barber, B.T. Lee, R.M. Kuhn, A.Nekrutenko, E.Segal, T.Ideker, M.Reich, A.Regev, H. Y. Chang, J.P. Mesirov
Nature Methods, 2017
  Fundamental Matrices from Moving Objects using Lines Motion Barcodes
Yoni Kasten, Gil Ben-Artzi, Michael Werman, Shmuel Peleg
ECCV 2016
  Epipolar Geometry Based on Lines Similarity
Gil Ben-Artzi, Tavi Helperin, Michael Werman, Shmuel Peleg
ICPR 2016
  Camera Calibration from Dynamic Silhouettes
Gil Ben-Artzi, Yoni Kasten, Michael Werman, Shmuel Peleg
CVPR 2016
  Event Retrieval Using Motion Barcodes
Gil Ben-Artzi, Michael Werman, Shmuel Peleg
ICIP 2015
  Wisdom of the crowd in in Egocentric Video Curation
Yedid Hoshen*, Gil Ben-Artzi*, Michael Werman, Shmuel Peleg
(* Joint First Authors)
CVPR workshop 2014
  Two DNA-encoded strategies for increasing expression with opposing effects on promoter dynamics and transcriptional noise
M. Dadiani, D. van Dijk, B. Segal, Y. Field, Gil Ben-Artzi, T. Raveh-Sadka, M. Levo, I. Kaplow, A., E.Segal
Journal:Genome Research 2013 Selected As Journal Cover
  The Gray-Code Filter Kernels
Gil Ben-Artzi, Hagit Hel-Or, Yaacov Hel-Or
Journal: IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence(PAMI) 2007
  Filtering with gray-code kernels
Gil Ben-Artzi, Hagit Hel-Or, Yaacov Hel-Or
Oral Presentation, ICPR 2004
Paper  Presentation