gil ben-artzi גיל בן-ארצי  

Gil Ben-Artzi

Post-doc, Intel Labs, CA
Email: gil dot mail at gmail dot com

Hebrew University, Weizmann Institute of Science.

Research Interests

Computer Vision, Machine Learning


  Camera Calibration by Global Constraints on the Motion of Silhouettes
Gil Ben-Artzi
ICCV 2017
  Integrative genomic analysis by interoperation of bioinformatics tools in GenomeSpace
K.Qu, S.Garamszegi, F.Wu, H.Thorvaldsdottir, T. Liefeld, M.Ocana,D.Borges-Rivera, N.Pochet,J.T. Robinson,B.Demchak, T.Hull, G.Ben-Artzi, D.Blankenberg, G.P. Barber, B.T. Lee, R.M. Kuhn, A.Nekrutenko, E.Segal, T.Ideker, M.Reich, A.Regev, H. Y. Chang, J.P. Mesirov
Nature Methods
  Fundamental Matrices from Moving Objects using Lines Motion Barcodes
Yoni Kasten, Gil Ben-Artzi, Michael Werman, Shmuel Peleg
ECCV 2016
  Epipolar Geometry Based on Lines Similarity
Gil Ben-Artzi, Tavi Helperin, Michael Werman, Shmuel Peleg
ICPR 2016
  Camera Calibration from Dynamic Silhouettes
Gil Ben-Artzi, Yoni Kasten, Michael Werman, Shmuel Peleg
CVPR 2016
  Event Retrieval Using Motion Barcodes
Gil Ben-Artzi, Michael Werman, Shmuel Peleg
ICIP 2015
  Wisdom of the crowd in in Egocentric Video Curation
Yedid Hoshen*, Gil Ben-Artzi*, Michael Werman, Shmuel Peleg
(* Joint First Authors)
CVPR workshop 2014
  Two DNA-encoded strategies for increasing expression with opposing effects on promoter dynamics and transcriptional noise
M. Dadiani, D. van Dijk, B. Segal, Y. Field, Gil Ben-Artzi, T. Raveh-Sadka, M. Levo, I. Kaplow, A., E.Segal
Journal:Genome Research 2013 Selected As Journal Cover
  The Gray-Code Filter Kernels
Gil Ben-Artzi, Hagit Hel-Or, Yaacov Hel-Or
Journal: IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence(PAMI) 2007
  Filtering with gray-code kernels
Gil Ben-Artzi, Hagit Hel-Or, Yaacov Hel-Or
Oral Presentation, ICPR 2004
Paper  Presentation